Games to Encourage Early Readers

Thanks to Family Interest Magazine for publishing my article on games to encourage early readers (p. 13 — full text copied below).

I would love to hear from others about your tried and tested ideas, so please comment!

Games to Encourage Early Readers

by Joanna Norland

Early readers can be reluctant readers.  Here are some games to spice up reading practice for beginners during the school holidays.

·         Word Pictures: (for ages 3-4) Draw a simple scene – such as a busy street or a playground on a giant piece of paper, e.g., from an art paper roll.  Write labels such as “car”, “man,” or “grass” on index cards, and tack Blu Tack to the back of the cards.  Ask your child to affix the words to the correct items in the picture.  Repeat over several days, adding additional words.

·         Words in action:  (for ages 3-4) Write a series of action words on index cards such as “run,” “jump,” or “sit.”  Have your child choose a word from the deck and perform the action.  Repeat frequently, adding new words to the deck.  Your child may also enjoy reading off action words for you to perform.  (“This card says “salsa dance,” mummy!”)

·         Treasure hunt:  (for ages 3-4) Send your child on a treasure hunt through the house, following a trail of clues to reach a prize such as a small toy, or a message promising a family outing.  Use single-word clues, such as “rug” for beginning readers, and simple sentences as they advance.


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  1. Martha September 14, 2012 at 7:30 am #

    Very interesting post. Thanks for that. My little girl is only 2 so not quite there yet but I’m surely looking forward to playing those games with her. I think it’s brilliant to incorporate learning into playing, makes it much more fun. I will post again if I come up with other fun ways to teach reading.

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