“I really enjoyed your workshop on Friday morning! It was so liberating being asked to turn the fairy tales we have known for a lifetime completely upside down! Looking forward to some more out of the box thinking & writing next time.”
Gabrielle Mason-Pierson

“Thanks so much for the session at Kemsing Library today. You could just feel the enthusiasm, and I can’t believe the quality of the work that was read out! I have certainly been inspired to look at reworking some more traditional tales.”
Janet Davies

“What was great was Jo’s responsiveness, enthusiasm and participation and encouragement. . . . It’s provided me with resources that I had no idea existed.”
Kimberley Wilson

“Many thanks for the positive and extremely helpful feedback.  It’s also been really useful for me to be able to work to deadlines, as it’s given me focus (and discipline!), which has meant that I’ve now got into the habit of writing much more during the week – something I’m thoroughly enjoying (as well as finding very therapeutic!)”
Tracy O’Leary

“I had never shown any of my material to anyone and therefore had no way of knowing if it was any good.  [Your course] gave me an opportunity to do so, learn new skills and the confidence to pursue my passion for writing.”
Giuseppe Cocca

“I hoped to be inspired, but I also hoped to learn just how and  where to begin with the story making process. My expectations were exceded, although, I actually didn’t know what to expect!  My biggest fear was clamming up under the pressure of having to produce ideas off the cuff. In fact, I thought you were careful to ensure there was no pressure or expectations & create an atmosphere that was relaxed & friendly.”
Emma Kirby

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