Writer Mothers (Not Write-or-Mother)

Children are a wonderful source of inspiration — but they are the ultimate time-and-energy munchers.
During dry spells, I often wonder: Is it actually possible to be a writer mother, or is it a stark write-or-mother choice every time?
And if it is possible — how is it done?
I started this series of interviews with mothers who write (and writers who mother) as a source of encouragement and practical advice.
Dianna Hutts Aston (award winning children’s author)
Jane Whelen Banks (who created the Lovable Liam series to teach life skills to her son, on the autism spectrum)
Katharine Edgar  (bestselling young adult fiction)
Sandra Horning (award winning children’s author)
Jennifer F Steil (author of The Ambassador’s Wife, a novel drawing on her experience of motherhood)

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